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GREEN COFFEE ARCHIVE - Las Nubes, Nicaragua


Nobvember 2021

Batches: 112102 - ongoing


Sourced by: Wood St Coffee Roasters

Coffee: Las Nubes, Nicaragua

Region: Jinotega

Process: Natural

Varietal: Caturra

Altitude: 1100-1500 MASL

Roasted Coffee Profile from Wood Street Coffee Roasters:

Strawberries, dark chocolate, hazelnuts.


Notes from Importer Caravela:

Las Nubes (the clouds) is a community blend of coffees from four producers in Jinotega. The name refers to the clouds that are seen hovering above the numerous mountain ranges in this municipality of Nicaragua. We were excited to hear that producers were experimenting with new processing methods there, which could offer more unique flavour profiles than the classic washed coffees this origin has been known for.

Each producer that contributed to the lot has carefully picked and sorted ripe cherries at their farms, which are consequently bagged up (very quickly) and delivered to Caravela’s purchasing station in La Concordia. Cherries are dried on raised beds for 20-28 hours and then transported again to a dry mill in Nueva Segovia for milling and export preparation.

Las Nubes is a prime example of how coffee processing can change our perceptions on “origin specific profiles”. Nicaragua isn’t well known for its natural processed coffee but perhaps in the future it will be. We’re getting a lot of strawberry and cocoa notes with a super juicy mouthfeel.

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